High productive capacity, rusticity, and dairy aptitude.


The Gir breed is one of the most important in India. Considered as a breed of dairy aptitude, it is raised with great appreciation in the regions of Rayputana, Baroda, and Kathiawar, where the high mountains are covered by the forest of Gir.

Gir came into Brazil in 1906, however, only after World War II, breeders effectively began to take an interest in the breed, which was used for two purposes: milk and meat.

It was in Goiás that the first specimens of the Gir mocha breed were exhibited at an agricultural fair in 1912. Only in 1976 did ABCZ open the genealogical record book for Gir Mocho. Dehorning or disbudding is not allowed for these breeds.


It has an ultra convex profile, with a backwards poll and a wide and smooth forehead. As its horns are downward and backward it does not allow the formation of a nimburi, which are preferred for those with horns that curve upward and inward.

The ears are of medium length and pendulous, curled on the beginning, then opening with its end toward the face (hawk).

Coats vary and may be red or yellow in all their shades, or even may have little spots.

Yellow and red coats are considered ideal. The skin should be dark and pink on the udder and inguinal region, allowing small points of depigmentation on any part of the body. The Gir Mocho, classified as another breed, has the same biotype, only differing from the base breed by the absence of horns.


The Gir breed has a huge participation and importance in Brazilian dairy farming, either by being raised as a purebred or through its numerous crossbreeds, for example, with the Dutch breed, originating the Girolando breed.

Average milk production is 3,777 kg in 305 days, which is more than three times the national average (960 kg). The duration of lactation is 307 days (daily average of 12 kg of milk).

According to EMBRAPA (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) it is possible to easily observe lactations above 5,000 kg of milk, reaching, in many cases, more than 10,000 kg of milk.

The Gir and Gir Mocha breeds are docile animals, of good nature and have very well defined racial characteristics. Females are great mothers and calves require little care. Males are medium-sized animals with compact muscles. Females can reach 520 kg at 48 months and males, more than 750 kg.