Another alternative for milk production.


Known as the most prominent breed in Brazil, Murrah is characterized by animals with medium and compact conformation, deep and with good digestive capacity. Very important elements for milk producers.

Buffalo meat is very tasty, nutritious and healthy, contains 55% less calories, 40% less cholesterol, 11% more protein, 10% more minerals, and 12 times less fat than beef. This puts buffalo meat at a prominent level, since the world today is more sedentary and concerned with health, opening up a fantastic market with high purchasing power for this high quality meat.


Buffalo milk is one of the most valued products of the animal, as it has 13% more protein, 58% more calcium, and 47% more phosphorus than bovine milk, also has 33% less cholesterol, is detoxifying and has 41% more dry matter, which makes it exceptionally more profitable for the production of cheese and other derivatives.

Buffalos are also a rustic animals, being able to easily reach 600 kg in 24 months, in the pasture regime. Buffalos have, on average, 15 births in its useful life and it is also common to give birth over the age of 20 years, which confirms that it is an animal, par excellence, for family farming.