Livestock for Fattening, Slaughter and Reproduction

Diversity and quality in livestock.

Genetic quality

and breed diversity

Agroexport offers the best options and breed diversity for export according to the needs and specificities of each country and each client. In addition to parent stock of differentiated genetics, the company has all infrastructure and know-how to export animals for fattening and slaughter.

Recognized for their variety and quality, Brazilian cattle are one of the most valued in the world, since more than 80% have Zebu genetics and of these, 80% are composed of Nelore and their crosses, which make them even more desired by breeders in other countries.

Our Infrastructure

The company’s headquarters are located in Uberaba/MG, where we have our administrative structure and highly qualified professionals, to carry out the entire export process. We have farms, approved as EPE (Pre-Shipment Station) by MAPA, with complete infrastructure to meet all stages of isolation process and animal welfare, operational support, employees able to select and purchase livestock, integrated logistics support both in Minas Gerais and in the state of Pará. In addition, we have an administrative branch in the state of Pará with a trained and qualified team to carry out export procedures and port operations.

We also have an efficient structure to transport livestock in the best possible way, respecting all rules and regulations. We have specialized and renowned partners to carry out national and international transport.

We always care for the welfare of the animals, so we hire the best ships in the market.

We provide adequate food for the animals, ensuring a good nutrition level, and maintenance, to offer the best body and weight conditions.

All of these procedures aim to guarantee the best product and service to our importers. We export quality to the final destination country.